'i share the road' financials

The 'i share the road' campaign was initially funded by founder James Schwartz in 2011. To become a sustainable, on-going campaign we are generating revenue from donations, bulk orders and sponsorships.

We believe in being 100% transparent with our financials so we are providing detailed financial information on this page.

Financials as at March 18, 2017 (all prices in Canadian Dollars)


Total revenue from donations/orders & sponsorships: $10,604.72


Total Expenses: $11,366.68

Packaging Costs: $148.00

Miscellaneous Expenses (t-shirts, graphics design, website fees, PO Box, etc.): $785.47

Postage/Shipping Fees: $1,588.06

Inventory Purchases: $7,780.52

Advertising Fees: $540.35

Credit Card Processing Fees: $524.28

Miscellaneous Statistics

Total stickers mailed out: 24,755

Number of envelopes mailed out: 847

Number of countries participating: 19

Stickers sent within Canada: 11,753

Stickers sent to United States: 10,410

Stickers sent to Australia: 1,384

Stickers sent to United Kingdom: 716